Lotus Notes Traveler: easy push mail for Domino

March 1st, 2009

I recentry upgraded a Lotus Domino server to 8.5 and installed Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5 - and the upgraded Domino server was up and running with Traveler loaded within two hours!  Potential mobile clients could then connect and install the provided Traveler client software. However, I do not own a Nokia S60 device or a Windows Mobile device which are the devices currently supported by Traveler. I own an iPhone and eagerly await that an upcoming release of Traveler will support ActiveSync and thereby support push mail for the iPhone.

Lotus Notes Traveler was introduced with the Domino 8.0.1 release and is and now in release 8.5. Traveler is push mail for Lotus Domino and other solutions in the push mail area include Excitor with DME, Visto, Funambol, and of course Blackberry with their Enterprise Server product.

Documentation for Traveler 8.5 is available and the following presentation is a good introduction to the features of the Traveler 8.5 release:

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10 Responses to “Lotus Notes Traveler: easy push mail for Domino”

  1. Warren Miller Says:

    Dear Mr. Lausten--

    After reading your post above on Traveler 8.5, I asked our outside Notes guy to replace CommonTime with Traveler. He did so. The application doesn't work as it should, and we're having a devil of a time trying to find some resources to help us fix the two big problems. Let me toss them out here, in case you can aim us towards someone who knows how to fix these two issues:

    1. Upon installation, Traveler made my default email address as follows: Warren_Miller/Beckmill. Anyone who hits reply on an email from me in Traveler will get gonged with a "no such person/domain" nastygram. My email address is wmiller@beckmill.com. How on earth can we tell that to Traveler?

    2. When I'm inside Traveler and access my Contacts for an email address, the address gets dropped into the email as follows:

    "Per Henrik Lausten" <perhenrikl@dk.ibm.com>

    I kid you not: That's how it comes out, assuming your email address is: perhenrikl@dk.ibm.com. If it's not, I'm sure you get the drift.

    Would greatly appreciate being referred to anyone @ IBM who can help me.

    Thank you--

    Warren Miller
    Beckmill Research, LLC
    Lexington, Va.

  2. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Warren, thanks for your comment.

    I have asked on Twitter and will get back to you if my Twitter followers are able to help you.

    With regards to issue 2: please explain what the issue is. The address format that you describe is a valid format for an email address (as far as I can see)

  3. lex Says:

    I don't have the address problem (1). Check your person document - you may not have the internet address field set and the server is using the Notes address format.
    and (2) that's the correct address format and how you have it in your contacts database

  4. Warren Miller Says:

    Dear Mr. Lausten--

    Thank you for the heads-up on the reply. I really appreciate it. We've been traveling heavily, so I missed the new post. I'll certainly follow-up on Issue #1.

    For some reason, Issue #2 didn't post the way I wrote it. Let me try again. If I tried to pull what I would guess is your IBM address into an email on my AT&T Fuze from the Contacts list without starting off in Contacts (w/Messages application closed), here's what it looks like:

    "Per Henrik Lausten <Per Henrik Lausten>

    However, if I leave Messages closed and go into Contacts, select the email address, and launch Messages from there, the address comes up as it should:

    "Per Henrik Lausten

    Any thoughts on this?

    Many thanks--


  5. Warren Miller Says:

    Dear Mr. Lausten--

    Well, I think that HTML is trashing me here. So I'll use brackets instead of around what I'm trying to post in hopes that that will solve the problem. If I'm in Messages on my AT&T Fuze and I try to pull an email address from Contacts, here's what it looks like:

    "Per Henrik Lausten" [Per Henrik Lausten [perhenrikl@dk.ibm.com]]

    If I leave Messages closed, go into Contacts, select the email address there, and launch Messages, the format is the right one.

    Any ideas from anyone?

    Thanks in advance. This is a great blog.


  6. Bill Says:

    We have moved to Traveler (from the Nokia abandoned "Intellisync") and overall our users and support staff have been very pleased with the change.

    * Great Symbian (Nokia) client - mail, calendars, to0do list all work well.
    * The centralised admin from Domino is excellent.
    * Very quick and reliable two way sync.

    The Traveler client doesn't access the global address book (this was a great feature in Intellisync).

    The Traveler proxy server on runs on Windows (would have preferred not to have a virus magnet in the DMZ).

    PS Also reviewed DME and Funambol - both great options but the Traveler suited our needs better at this point (DME's strength is in high level security).


  7. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Bill, thanks for sharing your experience with Traveler.

  8. David Z Says:


    Are you using WM client or Nokia Client?

    Also which traveler build are you using? (you can get this by doing "tell traveler version" from the domino console)

  9. syen Says:

    I send an email to out going my gmail with lotus notes traveler.Then i reply back. Next, i forward to other emails,and it pushes the emails many times.I mean that i send one time,but it pushes many emails to receivers.

    if you know about this problem, please help me.

    Thank you.

  10. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Syen, do you still experience the problem with several pushes of the email?