XPages and Domino 9.0.1 FP2: upgrades to CKEditor and Dojo

August 24th, 2014

IBM released fix pack 2 for Domino and XWork Server 9.0.1 this week. Among many fixes it includes the following fix:

SPR# TMGN9KJTEB - Adds Internet Explorer 11 support for xPages

I asked Brian Gleeson from the IBM Dublin team what exactly this means, and he responded that it covers an upgrade of CKEditor from 3.6.x to 4.3.2 and an upgrade of Dojo from 1.8.3 to 1.9.2.

One issue I have seen so far with CKEditor 4.3.2 is that the "Insert image" button called 'Image' in a custom toolbar is different from the standard "Insert image" button used if you use the default toolbar. Instead, you need to use 'IbmImage' as the name of the image button.

The latest CKEditor adds a spell check option - either through the default toolbar or by adding 'IbmSpellChecker' to your custom toolbar. It's great that the CKEditor in XPages finally adds that facility. Here it is in action:

CKEditor spell checker

With the new CKEditor the 'toolbarType' Dojo attribute no longer works. Instead use 'toolbar' as Dojo attribute with Slim, Medium, Large and Full as possible values.

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21 Responses to “XPages and Domino 9.0.1 FP2: upgrades to CKEditor and Dojo”

  1. Howard Greenberg Says:

    Per, I tried the toolbarType attribute with a rich text control and it still worked. Using just toolbar did not.


  2. Howard Greenberg Says:

    I should state that yes, I am on FP2 for 9.0.1.


  3. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Howard, that's strange. toolarType does not work for me.

  4. Howard Greenberg Says:

    I tried it on a real server (I was using a preview in Designer local server before) and see what you mean. It does ignore the toolbarType now. Great upward compatibility IBM!!!

    And I found another issue. The CK Editor for the local preview server does not seem to have been updated by FP2.


  5. Oliver Busse Says:

    Hi Per,
    do you have some example code for the IbmImage button on the toolbar? I just discovered that the "upload" button in the "add image dialog" is missing so I am not able to insert an image from my disk anymore when using on FP2 / with BS skin.
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Oliver, just use IbmImage as the name of the button in your toolbare code. Here's an example for a large toolbar:

    <xp:dojoAttribute name="toolbar">
    			["Format", "Font", "FontSize"],
    			["Bold", "Italic", "Underline", "Strike", "-", "TextColor", "BGColor"],
    			["JustifyLeft", "JustifyCenter", "JustifyRight", "JustifyBlock", "NumberedList", "BulletedList","Indent", "Outdent"],
    			["Subscript", "Superscript"],
    			["RemoveFormat", "MenuPaste", "Undo", "Redo", "Find"],
    			["IbmImage", "ImageMaps", "Table", "Iframe", "MenuLink", "Unlink", "Anchor", "Flash", "PageBreak", "HorizontalRule", "SpecialChar", "Blockquote", "Smiley", "ShowBlocks"],
    			["MenuPaste", "Maximize", "IbmSpellChecker"]
  7. Oliver Busse Says:

    Thanks Per, but did you notice that the upload button in the dialog is missing?

  8. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Yes, but it still works. You just press the Add Image button, select your image in the file dialog and then you see the image details tab where you can confirm the image upload.

  9. Oliver Busse Says:

    Ahaaa! We have a Chrome issue - try it in Chrome. I assume you used FF or IE, right? After clicking "OK" nothing happens. In FF and IE the image is inserted (no details tab for me though)

  10. Sean Cull Says:

    Per, will this just work on a 901.fp2 server or does it need rebuilding with a 9.02 client ?

  11. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Sean, it will just work

  12. Sean Cull Says:

    umm, struggling here, rtx fields simply not shown in IE11 with FP2 and 901FP2HF385-linux64 when in edit mode
    will test some more tomorrow

  13. Chris Bekas Says:

    We've had the RT editor now showing as just an input field following upgrade to FP2 using Chrome... anyone seen this issue?

  14. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Chris, maybe a cache issue? Try clearing the browser cache and reload the page.

  15. Chris Bekas Says:

    Thanks Per, indeed it is a cache issue, Ctrl+F5 works, also clearing the browser cache. Is there any other way other than asking users to do all that? It seems to affect Chrome only since the latest chrome update. Strange.

  16. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Chris, try rebuilding your app and see if that changes the URL of the aggregated resources which then forces the browser to reload the content.

  17. Chris Bekas Says:

    Haven't been able to resolve the cache issue for chrome by cleaning and re-building the application... We still get some users reporting the editor does not display. Would some thing like response.setHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache") work you think?

  18. erdem Says:


    i use domino version 8.5.3. i use richtext item on my forms. when i edit the form on ie11 or chrome, i see html tags on ckeditor. how can i fix it , can you help me?

  19. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Erdem, go to Stack Overflow and ask your question at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/xpages. In this way many more people can answer you and many more people can benefit from the answer.

  20. jason Says:

    Hi, did you get simpleuploads works with CKEditor?

    I got "Invalid data returned(check console)",
    cannot get it to work.


    Content-Disposition: form-data; name="upload"; filename="Bears.jpg"
    Content-Type: image/jpeg

  21. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Jason, go to Stack Overflow and ask your question at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/xpages. In this way many more people can answer you and many more people can benefit from the answer.