DanNotes 47th conference: links to presentations

May 2nd, 2012

The DanNotes 47th conference takes place today and tomorrow. Here are links to presentations available online:

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5 Responses to “DanNotes 47th conference: links to presentations”

  1. Deepak Says:

    hello Per Henrik sir how r u

    My name is Deepak i am form India. I need your help, do you know the programming part of Lotus Notes. I want to create some software which related IBM Lotus Notes and Outlook. i think we both can do some business so i will wait your revert.....

  2. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Deepak, I do indeed know a lot about the programming part of Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino. Have a look at some of my other blog entries if you are interested in reading more about what I do.

    I am, however, not looking for business opportunities at the moment. I wish you good luck with your endeavours.

  3. Deepak Says:

    Thank you sir for Revert my post.
    i create a website where i try to give the information about lotus notes and try to solve lotus notes user problem. my website name is http://www.whatislotusnotes.com. Can u give me some suggestion about this website. i also want develop the lotus notes recovery tool, do you know any one who can help me to create that type tools................

  4. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Deepak, good luck with your web site and your projects.

  5. Deepak Says:

    Thank you Per Henrik ...........