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August 18th, 2012

Stack Overflow is a programming Q&A site for developers with more than 3.5 million questions and even more anwers on every programming language you can image.

On Stack Overflow you can also find questions and answers related to XPages. At the time of writing this blog post there are 597 questions tagged XPages on Stack Overflow with questions and answers coming in every day. If you have a question on XPages then have a look at some of the already asked questions and  their answers and see if that helps you. If not, then go ahead and ask a question.

I will also encourage you to help the community by answering questions and also upvoting great answers and downvoting misleading answers. This will improve the quality of Stack Overflow as a Q&A site for XPages.

XPages.info always lists the latest questions tagged XPages and also the top users for the XPages tag on the Stack Overflow tab.

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2 Responses to “Have a question on XPages?”

  1. Muhammad Basit Says:

    i create an Application in Lotus Notes 8.5 with Mircrosoft Office Lib template. Add a .doc file through Open Microsoft Office Document and save it. Now using the .nsf file i want to extract this document through java or .net api

    Please help me how to achieve this???

    i need it badly.

  2. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Muhammad, you need to locate the document, find the RichTextItem field, and then loop through the EmbeddedObjects on that field. Have a look at the description of EmbeddedObjects in the included Designer help file. It contains a complete example.