Learning XPages: available resources

February 15th, 2012

I often hear people new to XPages ask: what resources are available if you want to learn XPages?

The following lists (some of the) available resources if you want to learn XPages.

IBM provided resources


Free community provided resources

  • XPages.info: lots of links to useful resources
  • XPageswiki.com
  • XPages.TV:  Notes In 9 videos, 2 hours of XPages jumpstart, and a introduction to Java for XPages develovers series
  • XPagescheatsheet.com: home of the original XPages cheatsheet and the new Social Tools cheatsheet

Free courses

Paid courses

Community provided support

  • There are lots of blogs that cover XPages. Keep an eye on the XPages.info/news section that is updated daily with links to blog entries, wiki articles, OpenNTF projects and more.
Happy XPages learning!

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2 Responses to “Learning XPages: available resources”

  1. Patrick Kwinten Says:

    Don't forget GroupTalk - Learning XPages with TLCC on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNiUqXFmSOI

  2. Elijah Lapson Says:

    Great resource you created Per thanks for sharing!