PHL Consult supports OpenNTF and open source

September 4th, 2011

My company, PHL Consult, became member of OpenNTF in August and thereby supports OpenNTF and the use of open source within the Lotus Domino/XPages community. This means that I support the idea of open source in general (and support OpenNTF as an organization) - and that I both contribute code to and reuse code from OpenNTF. I have so far contributed 2 open source XPages custom controls to OpenNTF:

At the time of writing this blog post OpenNTF has 23 company members. Members according to OpenNTF are "companies with the common interest to provide open source for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and to encourage broad industry use of these applications. To achieve these goals members are willing to devote resources or participate in other ways".

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    [...] previously blogged my company PHL Consult and I support OpenNTF and open source. To further show my support I nominated myself for one of the 9 member director positions in the [...]