Presentation: My view on XPages

January 9th, 2011

I was asked by one of my customers to present my view on XPages and my experience with XPages to their development team. The development team had no experience with XPages but instead with classic Lotus Domino development. I gave the presentation on January 6 and the majority of the presentation consisted of live demos of XPages functionality to show the team how easy it is to use modern web technologies such as Ajax for a Lotus Domino web application.

The presentation is available on Slideshare:

The presentation makes most sense when seen live together with the live demos. Maybe a topic for a video podcast someday? 🙂

Update: Erik Brooks pointed out in the comments that with 8.5.2 it is now possible to call Lotusscript agents from XPages - thereby making reuse of existing backend Lotusscript code possible. The App Dev wiki has more information on the use of Agent.runWithDocumentContext(). I have updated my presentatio on Slideshare to reflect this. Thanks Erik.

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3 Responses to “Presentation: My view on XPages”

  1. Erik Brooks Says:

    Very cool. One additional piece of information, though:

    On slide 5, you mention "Existing Lotusscript must be converted to SSJS/Java." 8.5.2 has a method to call an agent (of any language) by an Xpage. With no extra work (or at most, some basic wrapping code) you can leverage Lotusscript backend code. Front end code will need to be rewritten or handling in some other way, but all of your meaty LS backend logic can be re-incorporated fairly easily now.

  2. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Erik, thanks for your comment. That's an important point. I assume that you refer to Agent.runWithDocumentContext(doc:NotesDocument) which is described on the App Dev wiki.

    I will update my presentation and inform the customer about my new knowledge about this 🙂

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