Free "SOA for Dummies" book!

August 8th, 2006

IBM is was giving away a free copy of "SOA for Dummies". Go ahead and order your copy.

Aug. 9 update from Bobby Woolf: "The IBM offering is not the full book, it's a subset aimed at businesspeople. The full book is 384 pages; the free IBM version is 66 pages, focusing on the business aspects and fundamentals of the architecture but not the technology details"

Sept. 21 update: The offer has expired. Due to the overwhelming success of the ordering of the free SOA for Dummies books, IBM has run out of supply. IBM has shipped 10,000 books around the world.

[Via Bobby Woolf]

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5 Responses to “Free "SOA for Dummies" book!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Thanks - ordered !

  2. Anonymous Says:

    thanks didn't order - thought it had technical details ...

  3. R Dhamodaran Says:

    Pl. send me a copy

  4. vinil Says:

    I too want one copy or please mail me some of its basic concepts

  5. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Vinil (and others), I do not have a copy of the book to share. Also, please note that this post is from 2006.