Draft Redbook on Linux virtual servers under z/VM

July 18th, 2006

A draft Redbook on Linux virtual servers on IBM zSeries and System z9 under z/VM is available. The Redbook shows in a cookbook format how to install and configure z/VM in an LPAR and then how to install Linux under the z/VM - thereby enabling Linux on z/Series. The book uses RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 for zSeries as the z/Linux distribution.

I have previously blogged about the IBM System z9 Business Class and its usefulness for virtualization and also about reasons for running Linux on the mainframe.

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One Response to “Draft Redbook on Linux virtual servers under z/VM”

  1. http://www.natcoweb.com Says:

    I was looking for some guidance on how to best configure iSCSI. I've been through the install guides, the draft Redbook on the DS3500 and other resources, and can't find the exact thing I'm looking for.