Using Ajax to manipulate Lotus Notes documents

June 6th, 2006

Joachim Dagerot has published an article on developerWorks on using AJAX to manipulate Lotus Notes documents. From the article introduction:

Giving users instant feedback instead of the time-consuming page reloads they’re used to is simple when you use Ajax. Discover how a view and an agent can help you build Ajax-driven applications and learn how to define an API for getting the client and the Domino server to collaborate.

If Joachim is in the mood for an update to the article I would like to see how to do this using dojo as the Javascript Toolkit for the AJAX calls - especially considering the latest on IBM and dojo 🙂

Update: Joachim is in the mood and is asking for ideas on what to focus on with regards to Domino and dojo.

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2 Responses to “Using Ajax to manipulate Lotus Notes documents”

  1. Joche Says:

    Odd, I just created another reply to this, but the pingback function doesn't seem to work. It works when I comment on other entries on other blogs though.

  2. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Joachim, thanks for letting me know about the backlink problems. I have now solved the problem so that the backlinks show up again.