Tutorial: Explore database tools in Rational Data Architect

April 25th, 2006

A new tutorial called "Explore database tools in Rational Data Architect" has been posted on developerWorks.

The tutorial "guides you through the steps to begin database development using Rational Data Architect. You will learn how to create, edit, deploy, and debug SQL stored procedures. This tutorial also covers how to share a project in CVS."

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3 Responses to “Tutorial: Explore database tools in Rational Data Architect”

  1. Yen Says:

    Sorry ,I just find your blog by google when search database explore.
    Could you help me to show database explore in data perspective .My RSA don't auto to open it .
    Thank in advance

  2. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Yen, you should be able to show the database explorer view by using Window -> Show View -> Other (in general). From here you can add the Database Explorer View (Data -> Database Exporer).

  3. Yen Says:

    Thank ,but my problem don't like that First ,I don't see Database Explore View from Other (View) but then I create a Data Design Project ,I can view Database Explore View.
    I don't understand why that