Mainframe for the masses?

April 28th, 2006

Yesterday on April 27 IBM announced a new mainframe for small and medium sized businesses called the IBM System z9 Business Class.

From the press release:
"IBM today launched a new System z9 Business Class mainframe with pricing starting at around $100,000 and designed to tackle the critical computing challenges of our time: the coming wave of automated Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), new heightened expectations for data security and the rapid expansion of emerging markets."

The mainframe is very useful for virtualization - as mentioned in the press release: "one System z9 Business Class system might handle the workload of up to hundreds of distributed servers based on Unix or x86 class systems." has an article on the announcement [via the Mainframe blog].

I have previously blogged about running Linux on the mainframe.

Update: a draft Redbook called "IBM System z9 Business Class Technical Introduction" is available.

Update 2: IBM Eye has also blogged about the announcement.

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