I’m a 2016 IBM Champion!

December 1st, 2015

It has been a great year with focus on the 2 businesses that I am involved in: Sherlock Web and fmcg solutions.

I have not been involved with public speaking this year but still try to help the XPages developer community on Stack Overflow as much as I can.

It came as a pleasant surprise that I was elected as IBM Champion for 2016. I'm once again honored to be part of this amazing group of people!

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4 Responses to “I’m a 2016 IBM Champion!”

  1. Johannes Madsen Says:

    Congratiolations. Well done Per

  2. Peter Rosenberg Says:

    Well done, from here too ! Its not that easy to stay on top of things, in this everchanging world !

  3. Mani Senthilnathan Says:


    Hi, We are migrating our mail platform from lotus notes to O365, and looking for some consultancy for integrating in house built notes application with O365 (simple mail /calendar functions). If you are interested, we can discuss further.

    We are located in Toronto, Canada.



  4. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Hi Mani, feel free to contact me at per at lausten.dk and I will set you up with a US based company that can help