Podcasts that I listen to

August 12th, 2008

I am currently listening to the following podcasts on my iPhone:

I actually listen to these while running. So thanks guys for keeping me motivated! 🙂

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5 Responses to “Podcasts that I listen to”

  1. Yancy Lent Says:

    You forgot http://yellowcast.net. It happens, we forgive you.

  2. belgort Says:

    The Taking Notes podcast is over rated. I should know ;-). Thank you for listening!

  3. IdoNotes Says:

    Anytime you want to grab the IdoNotes podcast feel free. I am 51 episodes in..

    http://www.IdoNotes.com see the podcasts tab.

  4. Michael Martine Says:

    Hello Per! Glad to know that we have you as a listener to Dogear Nation. Love to see a tag or two come in from you! Thanks for the endorsement & enjoy your running! Michael M

  5. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Yancy, Bruce, Chris and Michael: thanks for stopping by.

    I will definitely listen to YellowCast and IdoNotes also.