XPages in Domino 8.5: impressive!

June 20th, 2008

Nathan Freeman has posted an impressive demo of the XPages functionality in the upcoming Domino 8.5. As Nathan writes: "The rumors are no exaggeration. Xpages are the next wave of Lotus evolution, and they will turn everything you know upside-down. Get ready to be a novice again."

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2 Responses to “XPages in Domino 8.5: impressive!”

  1. quintessens Says:

    "they will turn everything you know upside-down" I think the following statement is more correct: it will show that all things you know where in other development tools but where not available in Lotus Designer are finally in place and how stupid the way of working LN previously was from a modern developer point of view

  2. Jan B Says:

    quintessens has a point, though its rather blunt. Many applications doesn't need this feature, because of simplicity required. A simple list with a couple of meta data will often do wonders for the users, compared to their struggles of storing data and keeping track of naming and redundancy in a file-folder structure. Plus, I think the learning curve of a loosely bound database were more intuitive to "developers" sitting in the business units.

    To me SharePoint is targeting this audience. And does it very well. So there must be gold there! The current demo of Xpages clearly shows ordinary users: Stay Away! That said -obviously because of my lack of skills, the complexity in doing anything more than just simple lists. validation, updates data-integration would certainly benefit the developer with experience in IIS, XML, WSDL, SOA, SQL-server, C#, Visual Studio, ASP.net.... The SharePoint learning curve is impressive!

    I too think Xpages is a really great improvement. I missed a SQL interface, as I think this would target the classic and potential new developer much better -And probably save a few clicks 🙂