October 26 was IBM HackDay(+4)

October 28th, 2007

This friday was IBM HackDay(+4) - and I arranged a local event in Denmark. We were 15 participants who generated lots of ideas for hacks of which 5 so far have been registered for the HackDay competition. Unfortunately I took no pictures unlike others.

Kelly and Andy have more from the local events in Lexington, US and Hursley, UK - and Dale even has an explanation on what HackDay is. By the way, Kelly helped launch IBM’s first HackDay.

Looking forward to HackDay(+5)!

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One Response to “October 26 was IBM HackDay(+4)”

  1. kelly Says:

    Thanks, Per, for helping us expand the global reach of hackday by hosting a local event in Denmark.

    You'll have to remember the camera for NEXT hackday! 🙂