IBM officially in Second Life

December 20th, 2006

Second Life is one of the best known virtual worlds available on the Internet. Some call virtual worlds for the 3D Internet and compare the maturity of this 3D Internet with the Internet in 1995 - in other words: the next few years will show us what this 3D Internet can offer compared to the traditional Internet.

IBM joined other well known companies this friday by officially announcing its presence in Second Life. IBM has established a 12 island innovation complex that includes a welcome area (with a tour train), 3 auditoriums, greaterIBM's Virtual Connection Center, a SOA hub, a club house for the IBM virtual universe community, a campus, the mall of the future, and the House of Horizons project.

The Eightbar team has more on the launch - and so has greaterIBM.

The 12 island innovation complex includes a Circuit City shop. IBM has teamed up with Circuit City to "to explore how to apply virtual worlds and 3-D environments to retail business models" (as stated in the press release).

It is going to be very interesting to see what Second Life and virtual worlds in general can bring in the future.


One Response to “IBM officially in Second Life”

  1. kellyd Says:

    I'm sorry I missed the greaterIBM party today. Guess word of my SL antics has gotten around, because I couldn't get in. 🙂

    Hope you enjoyed some mulled wine for me.