Mainframe for new purposes?

May 8th, 2006

According to The New York Times IBM will later today be "introducing software tools, academic programs and support for outside developers that IBM says are intended to bring new business and new programmers to the mainframe. IBM is trying to position the mainframe for corporate customers as a 'hub of Internet-based computing.'"

Also according to the article: "The software tools IBM is introducing will enable traditional mainframe programmers and programmers skilled in modern computer languages, like Java, to write software programs tailored for the mainframe but including Internet technology. This Web services technology makes programs more flexible as individual building blocks of code will be able to communicate with others automatically."

Update: The Mercury News also has an article on the upcoming announcement.

Update 2: This has now been officially announced by IBM in a press release entitled "IBM Unveils Software and ISV Initiatives to Handle Surge in Mainframe Transactions". Focus is on using the mainframe as a hub for SOA.

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