XPages Web Analytics custom control on OpenNTF

June 26th, 2011

What a great weekend for open source contributions from me! ūüôā Yesterday I created the XPages SEO custom control - and today I have¬†created a new XPages custom control for the OpenNTF development contest called XPages Web Analytics custom control: the custom control makes it easy to add web analytics to your XPages web site.

In the first release the custom control supports Google Analytics and Woopra Web Analytics.

In order to use the custom control you download it from OpenNTF, unzip the downloaded file and open the included Notes database. In the database you will find a custom control called "WebAnalytics" that you can include in your own XPages application. Once included you just drag the custom control to your XPage and add the custom properties for the specific web analytics providers that you would like to use.

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5 Responses to “XPages Web Analytics custom control on OpenNTF”

  1. palmi Says:

    Great addon to all the Custom control for Xpages -

  2. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Thanks Palmi!

  3. Patrick Kwinten Says:

    I had a similar idea. Good luck with the contest!

  4. Per Henrik Lausten Says:

    Thanks Patrick.

    If you look at Wordpress plugins for inspiration, there are loads of potential custom controls to be created.

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