Getting a book to Lotusphere 2010

January 7th, 2010

Recently Chris Toohey held a contest/giveaway where the price was his review copy of the "Lotus Notes Domino 8: Upgrader's Guide: What's new in the latest Lotus Notes Domino Platform" book - courtesy of Packt Publishing. I have also received a review copy of the same book - and I admit: I never got to write my review of the book (but read the book with great interest). So I offered Chris my review copy as well so that his contest/giveaway could have two winners. The lucky winners are Chuckalicious and John James. Chris has already sent his review copy to Chuckalicious and I am going to send my review copy to John James.

Since I live in Denmark and John James lives in Canada the cost of sending the book equals the price of buying the eBook itself - so I thought that I would find alternative ways of sending the book to John James.

So, what better way to get the book to John James than by the help of the community? So the book will be transported to Lotusphere and then onwards to John James by the help of Bo Falkenberg and Marie Scott. I will give my review copy of the book to Bo who will bring it from Denmark to Orlando, Florida for the Lotusphere 2010 conference where Marie Scott will take over and bring the book home from Lotusphere in order to finally deliver it to John James!

Enjoy the book, John! 🙂

Update January 28: John has received my review copy thanks to Bo Falkenberg and Marie Scott.

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